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If Ravichandran Ashwin can sit on the bench then why can\’t Virat Kohli, Kapil made a big statement

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Kapil Dev on Virat Kohli: India\’s greatest all-rounder and former captain Kapil Dev has said such a thing about Virat Kohli, which till now no one else could muster the courage to speak. Talking in a clear tone, he talked about getting Kohli out of Team India.

In today, there is tremendous competition among the players to make a place in the playing XI of Team India. Whether the biggest format of the game is Test or the shortest T20, there are many contenders for a spot on each side. Given this situation, Kapil Dev said that if a talented bowler like Ravichandran Ashwin can be dropped from the playing XI of the Test team, then Virat Kohli, who has been out of form for a long time, will be more difficult to drop from the T20 team. Shouldn\’t be.

\’Kohli can be out like Ashwin\’

It has been more than two and a half years since Virat Kohli scored a century in international cricket. He hit his last century in November 2019 and has been steadily finding his form since then. Keeping this situation in mind, Kapil said, \”If you can leave Ashwin, the second-best bowler in Test, then the world number one can also sit out.\”

\’Full chance to young players who perform well\’

The captain, who made India world champions for the first time in 1983, believes that it will be unfair to the Indian team management if they do not give full opportunities to the players to perform consistently. Kapil told a media company, \”I want Virat Kohli to score runs but at the moment Kohli is not playing the way he is known for. He has made a name for himself on the basis of his performance and if he doesn\’t perform then you can\’t keep new players out.\”

The former Indian captain appealed to the young players to continue performing well in the same way. He believes that this will increase the level of competition in the team. He said, “I want the new players to perform in such a way that things are difficult for Virat and Virat to come back in such a way that the new players have to raise their level further. I want both of them to have good competition. Virat should think in such a way that he was once the top batsman of the team and he has to do the same in this team as well. It\’s a good problem for the team.\”

Think Kohli\’s \’rest\’ as \’out\’ on Windies tour

Kapil said that Virat\’s \’rest\’ from the West Indies tour should be considered \’out\’ of the team for him. He said, \”If you want, you can call it to rest or you can call it being out of the team. Everyone can have their own opinion on this. If the selectors haven\’t picked him, it could be because the big players are not performing.


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