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Asobu indie showcase 2022 starting July 30th, featuring over 80 big indie games

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Continuing the Day of Devs 2022 promotion, Asobu, a community formed to support the development and distribution of Japanese indie games overseas, has another presentation for 2022.

As indie games continue to skyrocket in popularity with exclusive designations for the big platforms in the big event scene like id@xbox, players are being provided more information than ever before, and that\’s exactly what the Asobu community is doing with their newly announced Looking forward to performing with.

This will be Asobu\’s third annual indie game launch event in the Asobu portfolio and will precede the massive BitSummit – Japan\’s biggest indie game event – which will take the wraps off the many, many, exciting games that will be launching. community. This year\’s Developer Day includes two games, Fox and Frog Travellers: The Demon of Edashino Island by Riyas and Goodbye World by Yo Fuji, and the new show will include several new games. The showcase, of course, will coincide with the Steam event page for demos and sales of current and future Japanese indie games, starting with the premiere of Showcase on July 30 and ending on August 5.

With the list of games available on the Asobu website, the massive upcoming showcase will last a full two hours, with 80 different games said to be eclipsed. Showcase gives fans good front row seats, which can feature community indie games, and if past indie showcases are any impression, it will be massive in the revelation category, with a few surprises possibly thrown in. . Team in Asoba.

The 2022 Asobu Indie Showcase premieres this Saturday, July 30, and fans will be able to watch it on Asobu\’s YouTube or Twitch channels.

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