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Despite the pandemic, the home renovation market continues to expand. According to the Home Improvement America report by the Joint Center for Housing Research at Harvard University, the home improvement market is expected to reach $281 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow next year.

The pandemic has spurred the home improvement industry, triggering various housing changes that are driving up home improvement spending. Many homeowners are facing the need for more space for work from home and distance learning. This has fueled a sustained increase in spending on indoor and outdoor replacement projects.

In general, the mobility of residents and the recent increase in working from home, which is a common practice, has made households more flexible.

Replacement projects such as roofing, siding, window and system upgrades will continue to dominate the home improvement market. Property improvements and emergency repairs are gaining a growing market share and are among the top home improvement projects in 2022. Read on to know more about the top home renovation projects for the year ahead, according to experts.

1. Modernize Your Home Office With a Focus on Productivity

During the pandemic, due to the transition to home office and distance learning, people have struggled to find a suitable place at home. According to the Houzz 2021 Emerging Home Design Trends report, there has been a 108% increase in home office searches. While some people are returning to work, others are shifting to more hybrid work schedules that require a productive home office.

From converting guest bedrooms to building outdoor rooms, homeowners will continue to re-imagine the idea of ​​a home office and a productive, multipurpose space for the kids to do homework and study.

2. More windows to connect with nature

As homeowners seek to connect more with nature, the number of windows, doors, and wall glazing is increasing. There is a growing trend to replace windows and doors, and sometimes an entire wall, to accommodate sizable glass options. Some install skylights and large floor-to-ceiling windows that blend the outside in perfectly.

High-spending homeowners, especially in cities known for their pristine climates, are most likely to undertake these projects. “Homeowners who live near the beach in South Florida or New York want to spend as much time outside as possible with great views. Large windows allow them to transform their homes in a way that was not possible before. Now They may have a glass panel instead of three [or] four windows to connect with nature from the inside,” says Juan Posada, vice president of engineering at Fenex.

With higher budgets for home improvement projects, more expensive repairs are possible, such as replacing windows and replacing walls with glass. “As we prepare for 2022, we may see more requests and projects focusing on glass as the main material,” Posada says.

3. Outdoor Kitchen

One of the most noticeable lifestyle changes since the pandemic is the desire to spend more time outside. As further evidence of this trend, a 2021 American Institute of Architecture survey found that demand for open spaces among respondents increased from 61% to 71%. This trend is expected to continue into 2022. Inviting the outside world is a common theme in many home improvement projects, which is expected to be a trend in 2022.

This project is so much more than setting up a grill and table, it\’s about creating an outdoorsy feel. Designing an outdoor kitchen involves creating a fully functional space that can function without the homeowners needing to go inside to eat.

4. New floor coverings to suit the new trend

Replacing old floors has been one of the most planned renovation projects in 2021 and this trend will continue next year as well. When considering home improvement projects in 2022, it\’s important to think about the ones that add value to your home. According to, homes with hardwood floors sell 2.5% more than homes with other types of flooring, resulting in a 70% to 80% ROI.

In 2021, medium brown and driftwood finishes are very popular. In 2022, flooring trends are expected to follow a similar style and will be among the most popular:

smoked wood flooring

bleached wood

seasoned wood

herringbone floor

reclaimed barn wood tile

natural wood color

5. Disaster Preparedness Repairs

Finally, there is another emerging home improvement project that is more about prevention than aesthetics. With the increase in climate-related natural disasters, about 25% of homeowners plan to spend on disaster repairs. Climate-affected markets, including Houston, Dallas, Miami and Raleigh, are spending between $600 and $2,300 on home renovations for disaster preparedness, compared to $300 nationally.

6. Focus on Wellness Design and Sustainability

Flexible spaces, outdoor living and smart features meet the health goals of today’s homeowner. The well-suited home furnishings market will be heavily influenced by consumer preferences.

“Our home has now become our respite and we want it to be a place to enjoy,” says interior designer and founder of Laure Nel Interiors, Letitia Laurent. Homeowners are looking to wellness facilities from steam rooms, hot tubs, zen gardens, and smart appliances to match their lifestyle habits.

This will extend to sustainable building materials and improvements in energy efficiency. In 2022, we’ll likely see materials like bamboo and cork floors, recycled steel siding and glass. Smart homes will be equipped with smart glazing, lighting, security and home automation features. Worsening health concerns due to the pandemic are prompting homeowners to invest in HVAC upgrades with air filtration, antimicrobial materials and purification systems.

7. Improvements to outside yards and plots

The average homeowner spent $8,408 on exterior additions such as porch, deck, patio or roof improvements. Behind this type of home improvement project is the need to spend extra time outside.

“We will continue to see an increase in outdoor home renovation projects, creating a seamless indoor living space that comes naturally after spending so much time inside,” says Flipping School founder Claire O’Connell. , “The design will be inspired by natural elements such as wood, rattan and hemp, combined with potted plants to create an inextricable connection with nature.”

Another major change that homeowners are considering is the addition of an additional residential unit (ADU). ADUs are self-contained units built on the same lot as the main house. These structures can range from 500 to 800 square feet, but can be as large as 1,000 square feet.

Homeowners see ADU as a housing solution for those who need a place to return adult children, renters looking to fill an affordable housing gap, and older parents in so-called mother-in-law apartments. I want to be alone with my kids.

The increasing frequency and intensity of hurricanes, along with the number of homes in vulnerable areas, is forcing homeowners to spend more on disaster repairs. Spending on home improvement projects such as driveways, fencing, sheds and landscaping increased from 10% in 2013 to 15% in 2019. Homeowners who spend more are more likely to turn to discretionary projects such as upscale kitchen upgrades and disaster preparedness solutions. , People affected by hurricanes and hurricanes are investing in flood mitigation solutions for their homes, including flood-proof windows and protective barriers.

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