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5 Effective Exercises That Will Burn Calories Easily At Home Without Requirement Of Any Gym Equipment

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Contrary to popular opinion, high-calorie-burning workouts do not require weightlifting or very long training sessions. Giving you appropriate exercise for your body weight is the fastest way to reduce the number of calories you want. Plus you don’t even need to go to the gym for this! We have listed such exercises which you can easily do at home.


According to WebMD, squats work your glutes and inner thigh muscles. It also improves your balance and improves your posture. Squatting regularly also reduces the risk of knee and wrist injuries as it strengthens the tendons and muscles around the foot. The squat, which also increases flexibility, is perfect for muscles, tendons and connective tissues that lose their flexibility with age! Plus, squats burn 3 to 6 more calories than cardio: this helps you lose weight. A 75 kg person burns 52.5 calories after 5 minutes of intense squat exercise. Burning 50 calories in 5 minutes is a great result!

So how do you sit?

  • Stand with your feet hip and shoulder-width apart (range 5 to 15 degrees).
  • Keep your chest, shoulders and back straight.
  • The most important thing is that your feet should always be in the same place; do not move.
  • You can keep your hands in front of your chest for balance.
  • Move your hips as if you are sitting on an invisible chair.
  • Keeping your chest straight, bend your legs and hips as far as you can.
  • Keep your feet firmly on the ground as you return to the starting position.

Dead Bug

The dead bug exercise strengthens your abs and side obliques.

Unlike other exercises, the dead bug, which is one of the balance-improving exercises, works deep muscles such as the pelvic floor muscle, the transverse abdominal muscle, and the muscle group that allows the body to stand upright. .

It is very important that your waist touches the ground and your abdominal muscles are tight so that your back does not get much strain while doing this exercise.

  • So how to exercise dead bug?
  • Lie down on your exercise mat.
  • Keeping your legs bent in the air, place your hands on your thighs.
  • Then alternately extend one leg and arm backward, keeping the other arm and leg in the same position.
  • Then return to the starting position and repeat the same with your other arm and leg.


If you’ve never done a burpee exercise before, it can be quite challenging for you at first. But doing burpees every day can get you back to your ideal form sooner than you think!

Burpees are a very effective exercise for working the whole body in a short amount of time. This exercise consists of a combination of jumping, squatting and plank movements. For this reason it is not a suitable exercise routine for people whose physical condition is not available.

  • So how do you do burpees?
  • First of all, stand straight on your feet.
  • In the squat position, place your hands on the ground in front of your body.
  • Come into plank position by throwing your feet backwards.
  • without waiting, immediately touch your chest to the ground,
  • Lift your chest off the ground and return to plank position, then return to squat position,
  • Jump as high as you can, return to standing position on your feet. Repeat the movement like this.

Step Up

Step up exercise is an exercise that puts a lot of pressure on your hips. In the step up exercise, you work one leg at a time, so it is a one-sided exercise.

You will see that your legs become stronger as a result of this exercise. Working your legs will also improve your balance. After 5 minutes of intense step-up exercise, a 75-pound person burns an average of 90 calories.

So how to proceed?

  • You can have a step board with you to step on or you can pretend to step on your own.
  • Press this board firmly with your right foot and lift yourself up. Keep your back straight and your abs active.
  • After 10-15 movements with your right leg, repeat the same with your left leg.
  • Let your goal be 3 sets.

Mountain Climber

Targeting your abdominal region, this exercise also works several muscle groups such as the shoulders, arms and legs. Increases strength and stamina.

Mountain climber movements are very effective at working both the upper and lower parts of your body. You will feel the change in your abdominal area immediately after doing these movements!

  • So how is the climber movement done?
  • Stand on your mat in the classic plank position.
  • Then start pulling one leg upwards (towards the abdomen) and do not forget to activate your abdominal muscles while doing so.
  • After pulling your leg up as far as possible, push it back.
  • Do the same position with your other leg.
  • Make sure you breathe regularly while switching between your legs.
  • You only need to set max 3.

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