If you go to see a girl then definitely ask these 7 questions

It is very important to understand the other person in arranged marriage. Many times people go to see or meet the girl, then they do not understand what to ask.

Arranged Marriage

If you are meeting a girl for arranged marriage and want to know and understand her in one or two meetings, then you can ask some questions.

How to know and test?

On meeting the girl, do ask her some important questions. With this you will get to know about their nature. Let's tell this.

Ask This Question

First ask the question that what kind of partner she wants. This will tell you whether you are right for them or not.

1st Question

Ready for marriage or not? Girl must ask this question. It should not happen that she is getting married under the pressure of parents.

2nd Question

Then ask the girl her likes and dislikes. This will make it easier for you to know what they like and what they don't. How much do you get your things?

3rd Question

Ask the fourth question whether she wants to live with the family or separately. Often people do not ask these questions, then later there are quarrels over it.

4rth Question

Ask the girl about her career or job. Does she want to do job even after marriage or not? What is career planning?

5th Question

Then ask the girl about her nature. Like what do they get angry about or what things they don't like? This will make it easier for them to understand.

6th Question

Ask the girl about future planning. This will show how she wants to live with her partner in the future.

7th Question