Emily Ratajkowski

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Emily Ratajkowski’s four-year marriage to Sebastian Pierre-McClard was marred by shocking allegations of her husband’s infidelity last weekend. Speculations have intensified as pictures of the wedding band without them went viral.

Her friends say that they have already decided to divorce her due to inattention.

The couple sold their LA home for £1.8 million a year after Emily gave birth to their son, Sylvester Apollo.

A few months before that, the New York-based couple was last seen vacationing together in Italy in June and seemed to be getting on well.

Information about the possible separation of American model Emily Ratajkowski and her husband, filmmaker Sebastian Pierre-McClard. The Daily Mail writes that the frequent appearance of a fashionista in public without a wedding ring is a topic of conversation.

But attentive fans noticed that the ring finger of the model, as usual, did not show an engagement ring with a large diamond. At the same time, Emily did not forget to wear her favorite hoop earrings.

Actually, in her latest Tiktok video, where the model dances in a white knit top and denim shorts, she is also seen without a ring.

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